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Merchant Capture

Harford Bank’s merchant capture solution extends the convenience and cost savings of electronic deposit capture and transmission to businesses that receive a regular volume of checks to be deposited.

Merchant capture is a browser-based application that facilitates the deposit of checks from a merchant’s place of business. Users log on to a secure web site from the business location. A bank provided desktop check scanner does the work of capturing the images and data from the checks and transmits it to Harford Bank for deposit.

How Does it Work?

The easy-to-use merchant capture application guides the customer through the deposit process. As the items are captured, they are validated automatically. Built-in advanced CAR/LAR recognition technology reduces data entry and operator intervention by reading the amount, account number, and other information from the scanned documents. Duplicate item detection at the point of capture ensures individual items are deposited just once. After the documents are scanned, the captured check images and data are transmitted to the financial institution. The merchant receives email confirmation that the deposit has been received and processed at the financial institution.

Benefits Realized by the Merchant

  • Allows business users to control deposit process
  • Provides a convenient and secure manner for making check deposits
  • Significantly reduces deposit preparation time and overhead
  • Ensures deposits are accurate
  • Extends the business day and deposit cut-off hours
  • Fewer trips to the bank greatly reduce transportation costs and time away from the business
  • Electronic image archive makes check images accessible anytime, anywhere, for research and dispute resolution
  • Improves cash management position due to lower transaction costs and optimized cash flow

When you choose merchant capture, you get an application that is uniquely matched to the needs of your business accounts, no matter where they are located.