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Consumer Loan Products

Product Type Description Features/Benefits Features Benefits
Automobile / Motorcycle/Boat / RV's Harford Bank offers fixed competitive rates that vary with the selected terms for new and used automobiles, motorcycles, boats, and RV's. Harford Bank offers flexible refinancing or purchasing new vehicles Same day closings with competitive rates are possible
Consumer Mortgage This type of loan is secured by a mortgage in the 1st lien position of an owner-occupied residential property. Harford Bank offers construction loans.  All mortgage loans are serviced at Harford Bank. As a community bank, Harford Bank is committed to assisting the Harford and Cecil County residents to pursue their dreams of purchasing, building  or refinancing a home.
Home Equity Lines This product is a revolving line of credit that is approved and the customer decides when to access the funds. Easy and convenient access to meet your immediate and future financial needs.
For example, refinancing a higher rate mortgage, debt consolidation, educational expenses, and home improvements are just a few ideas on how to reduce your monthly expenses to just one bill.
Home Equity Loans Harford Bank's home equity loan is compatible with a borrower's specific need for a fixed payment and term to consolidate debt into one monthly payment. This loan could be used for a variety of options such as a car purchase, home improvements, or educational expense.  
Mobile Homes Harford Bank provides financing for mobile homes located in a park or leased land. Harford Bank provides flexible terms refinancing or purchasing new or used homes. Harford Bank can facilitate quick closings and offer competitive rates.
Overdraft Line of Credit This loan is an unsecured line of credit that is attached to your checking account that pays checks that are written when there is an insufficient balance in your account. This product meets the needs of a customer that wants immediate access to cash for a specific financial condition. Avoids costly overdraft charges.  Overdraft protection means that we've approved, in advance, a personal, unsecured loan to balance your account if you should overdraw it.
Secured Consumer Loans This type of loan is secured by a Harford Bank CD or an "A" rated marketable security. This is an option to get extra cash without having to sell your investment. Customers can borrow up to  90% LTV on a Harford Bank CD and 60% of the current value of stocks.
Unsecured Consumer Loans Harford Bank offers an option for consumers without collateral to meet their financial needs. The customer has the option to utilize the funds for a variety of purposes such as vacation, debt, consolidation, tuition, etc. Flexible terms include installment, time, and demand options for repayment.
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