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Consumer Checking Products


Harford Bank realizes that no two people are alike and they may not have the same needs and desires. For this reason, we have created several checking accounts, so that you can choose the one that best fits your needs. Each Community Checking account is different; benefits, interest and fees. It’s your choice…

Community Checking Options Premier Plus Premier Senior Elite Direct Deposit
Free Mobile Banking, just download our app P P P P
Free Internet Banking P P P P
Free Bill Pay P      
E-Statements available P P P P
Visa Check Card P P P P
Free Foreign ATM Transactions - 2 per statement cycle     P P
Free Foreign ATM Transactions - 4 per statement cycle P P    
Free Personalized Checks - 6 styles available P P P  
Interest Bearing P P    
Overdraft Privilege P P P P
$100 Minimum Balance to avoid fees   P    
No Minimum Balance required P   P P
$4 Monthly Service Charge P      
$20 Annual Discount on Safe Deposit Box   P    
$40 Annual Discount on Safe Deposit Box P      
$2 Discount on Official Check Purchases P      
Check Safekeeping P P   P
Unlimited Check Writing P P P P
Prewards - special offers with your favorite merchants P P P P

Our Premier Plus account is an interest-bearing account that has many added benefits - see the chart above. There is no minimum balance requirement, but the account does have a monthly fee. The value of the added benefits far exceeds the monthly fee.

Our Premier account is also an interest-bearing account with added benefits. There is a $100.00 minimum daily balance requirement to avoid a monthly service charge.

Our Senior checking account is available to individuals 60 years of age or older. It is not an interest-bearing account and it does not have any minimum balance requirements. It does have added benefits which include free checks and internet banking. You can also get a VISA® Debit Card to use for withdrawals and purchases.

Our Elite checking account will not be assessed a monthly service charge if you have a monthly direct deposit. There is no minimum balance requirement. The account does have the added benefits noted in the options chart. Without a direct deposit, other charges will apply; a detailed disclosure is available at any Harford Bank office.

Harford Bank’s Overdraft Privilege Program provides you with an overdraft limit of $800.00 on your checking account., when you meet the minimum qualification requirements. This service allows you to avoid the cost and embarrassment of having a check drawn against nonsufficient funds returned unpaid. The service charge is the same as an NSF check, but the check is paid or the withdrawal processed.

Harford Bank has other overdraft protection options and you can receive information about these at any office.

Our Personal Savings account is an interest-bearing account that gives you access to your funds when you need them. You can even get an ATM card to use at any Harford Bank ATM or any ATM in the MoneyPass network.

Our Personal Investment account is an interest-bearing savings account that does have limited check writing/withdrawal capabilities relating to any withdrawal other than an in-person withdrawal. The interest rate paid on the account is based on the account balance. There are five interest rate tiers; the higher the balance the higher the interest rate. There is a minimum daily balance requirement of $100.00 in order to avoid a monthly service charge. There is a fee for checks/withdrawals in excess of regulatory limits.

Harford Bank offers interest-bearing time deposits with terms from six months to five years. You only need $1,000.00 to open an account. Interest is credited and paid, as you choose. There is a penalty for withdrawing funds prior to the maturity date of the account. The Bank also has a 23-month and a 48-month CD with a “step up” feature. This will allow you to adjust your interest rate one time, if rates change.

Harford Bank offers a variety of fixed-rate Traditional and Roth IRA accounts. These are time deposits with terms from six months to five years. Take advantage of the tax benefits of these accounts as you plan for your future. You need $250.00 to open this type of account.

A safe deposit box provides you with an opportunity to secure and protect your important documents and possessions. Harford Bank has a variety of box sizes from 2”x5” to 10”x10”. If you have a Premier Plus or Premier checking account, we will discount your annual cost as noted in the Community Checking Options chart. With a Premier Plus account, a 3”x5” safe deposit box would be free.

Harford Bank stands at the ready to help with your borrowing needs with both secured and unsecured loans. Whether you wish to buy a home, automobile or boat, see us. You can take advantage of the equity in your current home with a Home Equity Line of Credit. The loan process is quick and easy.

In today’s world many, if not most, banking transactions are processed electronically and Harford Bank is well prepared to offer these products and services.

Internet Banking
Easy, Convenient Access to your Money! Anytime! Anywhere! Harford Bank’s Internet Banking Program allows you to view your account information including transaction activity and to transfer funds between your accounts at Harford Bank. You can even download account information directly into Quicken or Microsoft Money. Access to this information is through your personal computer or mobile device and is available 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Online Bill Pay
Bill Pay is an add-on component of our Internet Banking Program. With Bill Pay, you can pay recurring, occasional and one-time bills without having to write a check and mail the payment. You tell us what bills to pay and when to pay them and we do the rest. When your electronic payment is sent, your account will be charged. If you have a Premier Plus account, Bill Pay is free. If you have any other checking account, there is a small monthly service charge that is more than offset by your postage savings.

Mobile Banking
Access Internet Banking through a mobile device – your tablet or smart phone. Download Harford Bank’s mobile app from our website – HarfordBank.com. We’re making banking with us convenient and on your terms.

Through our Internet Banking Program, you can access your monthly statements. When your statement is ready, you will receive an e-mail message from us and, upon signing on to your account, you can review your statement or download it into a spreadsheet format. This is an efficient and eco-friendly service we are glad to offer to you.

VISA® Check Card
You can get a VISA® check card for your checking account. This card can be used at any Harford Bank ATM or any ATM displaying a STAR, CIRRUS or MoneyPass logo. You can also use your Check Card to pay for purchases at any merchant that accepts a VISA® debit or credit card.

Harford Bank allows you to access account information and transfer funds between your accounts at Harford Bank by using your telephone. Just call 1-888-803-0250, day or night

Schedule of Fees    
Community Checking    
Check drawn/withdrawal presented against non-sufficient funds $32.00  
Check/withdrawal posted causing overdrafts $32.00  
Stop Payment Order $30.00  
Premier Plus Checking $4.00/mo.  
Premier Checking, if below minimum balance requirement $9.00/mo.  
Overdraft Protection Transfer $5.00  
Certified Check $14.00  
Savings Accounts    
If below minimum balance requirements $2.00/mo.  
Personal Investment, excess checks $10.50/ea.  
Chargeback of returned deposited items $7.50/ea.  
Account Closing $5.00  
Dormant Account Fee $5.00  
Official Check $6.00  
Incoming Wire Transfer $14.00  
Outgoing Wire Transfer $20.00  
International Transfer, in addition to outgoing transfer fee $37.00  
Special Statement $5.00  
Interim Statement $2.00  
Levies/Garnishments/Judgments $100.00  
Collection Items    
Less than $1,000 $15.00  
$1,000 or more $20.00  
Telephone Transfer (non-automated) $2.00  
Night Depository Bag (security deposit) $30.00  
Safe Deposit Boxes    
Annual Rental    
2”x5” $35.00  
3”x5” $40.00  
5”x5” $55.00  
3”x10” $70.00  
5”x10” $90.00  
7”x10” $115.00  
10”x10” $150.00  
Duplicate Key $30.00  
Drilling and Lock Replacement $150.00  
Bill Pay $2.95/mo.  
Excess items (over 12/mo.) $.55/ea.  
Debit Card replacement $5.00  
PIN replacement $3.00  
Other Fees & Charges    
Non-Customer Check Cashing    
Less than $1,000 $5.00  
$1,000 or more $7.00  
Foreign Currency Transaction $23.00  
Photocopies $4.00/ea.  

Harford Bank wants to make certain that you make the best choices relating to accounts and services. Detailed disclosures for accounts and services are available at any office of the Bank.