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Business Deposits Services


Cash Management

This service automatically transfers excess funds in your commercial checking account into your commercial money market account.

At the end of each day, the collected balance of your checking account is reviewed and any funds in excess of a pre-determined target balance are transferred automatically to your money market account.

Funds held in the money market account will be transferred back to your checking account as needed to cover your withdrawals and/or payments. There is a limit of six transfers per month from your money market account. There is no service charge for this automatic transfer service.

Here how the service works:
      Balance (end of day) $97,000.000
      Target Balance $35,000.00
      Investable $62,000.00
      Transferred to MM account $60,000.00

Only increments of $10,000 are transferred to the money market account.

Overdraft Protection

If you are a sole proprietor, Harford Bank’s Overdraft Privilege Program can provide you an overdraft limit of $1,500 on your checking account. You must apply for this service and meet the minimum requirements. This service allows you to avoid the cost and embarrassment of having a check drawn against nonsufficient funds returned unpaid. The service charge is the same as an NSF check, but the check is paid or the withdrawal processed.

A funds transfer service, transferring funds from a money market or commercial savings account to a checking account, is available to all commercial customers. This is a one way transfer as opposed to the two way sweep service. The cost per transfer is $5.00.


The Certificate of Deposit Account Registry allows you to insure your CD deposits in excess of the FDIC insurance coverage of $250,000. There is no charge for this service.


This program provides for the electronic recovery of returned items which you deposited to your account. It is a good way for a business to minimize losses due to the collection of bad checks. There is no charge for this service. For more information, click here.